by Alida L. from Greenville, NC

My 10-year-old daughter uses CBD to manage her Tourette's syndrome and ADHD. In 2016 we decided to take her off of her pharmaceutical medications because the side effects were impacting her health. We turned to CBD to manage her symptoms. We have tried many brands in the last 3 years, and Ancient Essentials is our favorite. The flavor is amazing, so she doesn't fight us anymore when it is time to take her CBD. She holds it under her tongue for a full 60 seconds which was always a struggle before. This product is effective at controlling her tics and hyperactivity, and her sleep and mood have improved. We are thrilled to have found such an effective CBD oil that actually tastes good!

by Sarah W. from Wilmington, NC

I have experienced chronic neck, shoulder, and arm pain for some time; however, after about six weeks of using Ancient Essentials Full Spectrum CBD Oil, I noticed that the pain was completely gone! Not only that, but I have also been waking up in the mornings feeling especially rested. I definitely notice a difference in the quality of my sleep when I forget to take my CBD oil at bedtime. Sleepless nights are not an option for this mom of five! I am so thankful for Ancient Essentials and the quality products they provide!

by J.L. from Raleigh, NC

Years ago, a debilitating illness left me with severe nerve damage in my hip and leg, chronic back pain, acute restless-leg syndrome, and Insomnia. My baseline-of-health was going to be a challenge for the rest of my life. The condition also worsened my pre-existing sensitivity to pain meds. Although my gratitude for living through that experience motivated me to press on through the pain for years, the pain recently began to erode my quality of life. I became desperate for solutions! I had tried CBD oil intermittently since it came on the market, but I hadn't experienced the relief I had hoped. I noted that I had better results from products grown and manufactured here in North Carolina, so I was thrilled to discover Ancient Essentials. I noticed an immediate improvement! The Full Spectrum Vanilla is the best I've ever tasted! At the end of the month, it was apparent that I was better off than I was when I started! I was sleeping better, and my pain had lessened. The next month I stepped up to the 3000 mg Full Spectrum CBD Oil and knew right away I had found my zen product and the perfect strength. Today, the difference in my pain is dramatic! I am sleeping through the night for the first time in 15 years! I have less inflammation in my hands and legs, and back pain gets better daily as I continue to take it. My morning dose helps me be bright and focused; the evening one, relaxed and productive, and at bedtime, I sleep pain-free. A word of caution; be sitting on the side of your bed when you take your last dose. It acts fast! I highly recommend Ancient Essentials Full Spectrum CBD Oil. It's the only CBD oil that gave me relief the very first time I used it.

by Sarah H. from Charlotte, NC

Having suffered from general anxiety for the majority of my life, I have tried just about every conventional medicine that a Doctor had to offer. The “conventional” medicine either caused unbearable side effects, or simply didn’t work. I started a few years ago with a CBD oil that was highly recommended to me by others, but I did not see any improvement, and the taste was almost unbearable. When I first learned about Ancient Essentials, I was extremely curious. The fact that it is grown in controlled conditions in a greenhouse was very appealing. Then I tried! It has taken my anxiety down to a never before seen level tastes amazing! I would strongly encourage anyone with anxiety, sleep issues, try Ancient Essentials. It has been a life saver for me!

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