CBD Salve 2oz


Full Spectrum CBD
Healing Salve Organic
800MG per 15ML
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Certificate Of Authenticity

The usefulness of hemp products and healing power of cannabis goes back thousands of years. With our Ancient Essentials CBD Healing Salve, it is now possible to directly place the power of full spectrum CBD topical cream exactly where you need. Ancient Essentials CBD Healing Salve is a powerful medical CBD cream of the highest possible quality. We believe that you should only trust health care products that have been third-party lab tested. That is why we continually test and certify our Ancient Essentials CBD Salve for its purity, safety and strength.

All Ancient Essential products, including our full spectrum CBD muscle cream, are made in the USA using sustainable and natural practices, are full spectrum and completely organic. Our healthy ingredients include olive oil, beeswax, and organic essential oils including clove, peppermint, camphor and eucalyptus. Designed for external use only, Ancient Essential CBD Healing Salve contains the highest-quality, full spectrum CBD cream for pain and works almost immediately when applied to the desired area. For those seeking a medical CBD cream, our Ancient Essentials CBD Healing Salve provides the highest quality available.


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